Ciro & Andres

Ciro and andres’ turning point
Asserting their rights to preserve their affordable housing

For Ciro and Andres, their fight against illegal efforts to take away their affordable housing on a major commercial corridor in the District of Columbia was an important victory for Housing for All.

Less than one week after being told that their homes were being sold to a developer, Ciro, Andres, and other families in their apartment building met with LEDC and learned they could challenge the sale and assert a legal right to stay. Together, they decided to fight, partnering with LEDC and Mi Casa to form a tenant association, advocate for city funding to facilitate the purchase of the building, and secure additional funds to renovate their new housing cooperative including the installation of a new electrical system.

“There is a great feeling of satisfaction. We can give peace to our families, and we don’t have to worry about the owner raising the rent or throwing us out. We can prepare for the future, make the building better, and improve our living conditions.” – Ciro