Maria’s turning point
Buying a first home for her family

Maria’s path to homeownership was fueled by a belief that you can get what you want in life if you confront your fears, work hard, and follow the rules.

By 2016, Maria’s three brothers in Nicaragua will undertake a trip she herself made almost 30 years ago – immigrating to the United States to work. Realizing her one rented room in a shared house would not accommodate their needs and those of her mother for whom she is caretaker six months a year, she put together her plan of action. Hearing about LEDC’s housing counseling services on the radio, Maria partnered with LEDC to purchase her first home by preparing for the responsibilities of homeownership and qualifying for financial assistance through the DC Home Purchase Assistance Program.

“I feel so good because my brothers are going to be with me. They are going to come here legally, they are going to look for work, and they are going to help me pay the mortgage.” - Maria