Hugo & Nubia's

Hugo & Nubia’s turning point
A chance to save their home

When Hugo’s wife Nubia fell stricken with cancer, they faced a life or death decision: Pay their mortgage or pay for treatment. What they now call a divine miracle helped them save their home after it had seemingly slipped through the cracks.

For three long years, as Hugo’s income as a waiter dropped and Nubia’s health worsened, the couple anguished over possibly losing the home they bought together in 2007. Unable to find an affordable rental for their two kids, Hugo searched for answers one afternoon after learning a down payment had been made to buy their home after years on and off the short sale market.

Stumbling upon a couple down the street tending to their garden, Hugo learned that the husband’s wife was a housing counselor at LEDC. Two days later, Hugo worked out a plan with LEDC to ask the owners-in-waiting to rescind their intent to purchase and apply for a modification of their home loan to make their monthly payments more affordable.

The result: The would-be buyers agreed to pull out, and Hugo and Nubia were able to stay in the home their children loved after making three successful payments of their permanently modified mortgage – the monthly cost of which was reduced by 50 percent.

“It was a relief. The pressure was gone. I cried out of happiness. It was what I wanted for myself and my kids. I didn’t want to leave.” - Nubia