Our Resilience

The Fruits of Change

For LEDC and the people we serve, 2014 was a year of many turning points as we worked together to create a better future for their families and communities.

When we met Hugo and Nubia, they feared losing their home. When we met Julia, she stood on the brink of transforming an idea, ten years in the making, into the launch of her small business. Clients like these share with us their challenges and aspirations. With our help, they overcome obstacles and turn head first toward opportunity.

For LEDC, 2014 marked the move of our headquarters to the fresh and innovative WeWork Wonderbread Factory in Shaw. We expanded our footprint beyond the DC area, connecting entrepreneurs in Baltimore with micro lending services to build thriving city corridors. We dug deep to strengthen our services in Washington, DC and Montgomery County – harnessing changes in leadership and the belief of long-time supporters to drive positive change.

What an honor it is for us to accompany our clients as they seize upon these turning points to change their lives for the better. In return, what a feeling it is to have them and our supporters like you in our corner when we go through our own.

TOP: LEDC team. LEFT: LEDC’s Executive Director Marla Bilonick RIGHT: Board Chair Noralisa Leo

What We’re About

Working families deserve to live in affordable homes and own successful small businesses – but too many are unable to turn these dreams into a reality.

At LEDC, we equip Latinos and other underserved communities in the DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities. Participants in our programs learn how to buy and stay in their homes, take control of the decisions affecting their apartment buildings, and start or expand small businesses.

The entire Washington and Baltimore regions are stronger when all families have the power to achieve financial independence and join with their neighbors to improve their quality of life.